Our Vision

The Future of Hiring

There is a world-wide shortage of software and hardware engineers. Talented engineers get multiple messages from recruiters every single day. The vast majority of job opportunities they see are not a good fit, so they've stopped reading them. But you still have positions you need to fill on your team. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming - we've been there!

There are exceptional people out there that are ready for a change and looking for a role exactly like the one you are offering. Facet can help you find them.

Facet is a massive network of software and hardware industry professionals that are passively looking for their next opportunity. They've provided detailed information about their skills, experience and interests. Your job goes directly to the email inbox of the qualified candidates that are the most likely to accept an offer.

Targeted job postings are the future of hiring and the numbers speak for themselves. The average time to fill a position with Facet is 10 days. 96% of job offers made to candidates sourced by Facet are accepted.

Fewer interviews and faster hires means a huge time and cost savings for your company.

The Future of Job Searches

The recruiting industry is broken. Every day the best software engineers, data scientists, UX designers and product managers are flooded with spam from recruiters. Every once in a while you might come across an opportunity that sounds interesting, only to find out later that you are expected to complete an eight hour take home assignment or the salary is not even close to your expectations. Often this happens after you've already invested a significant amount of your time exploring the opportunity.

Facet was founded by a former Netflix software engineer to solve this problem. Facet allows professionals in the software and hardware industry to define what types of jobs they are interested in (salary range, tech stack, role, location, company size, etc), and passively search for new opportunities. Only the jobs that match your interests are sent to you, eliminating 100% of the junk opportunities you see.

Facet provides you with the information you need up-front, including salary ranges, who the hiring manager is, and what the interview process will be like.

Facet is completely private. Companies do not see your profile unless you are interested in their opportunity and you choose to send your profile to them. Once you signal your interest, Facet becomes your advocate and helps you present the best version of yourself, guides you through the interview process, and is there to advise during offer negotiation.

Become a Part of the Solution

Facet is a transparent, self-funded, fast growing, employee focused, family first company that makes money by helping people find their dream jobs. How awesome is that? We are profitable and growing 2-3x per year with no outside funding. Facet is entirely owned by its founders and employees.

Want to join us? Check our company page on LinkedIn for current openings.

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