Jedidja Bourgeois

Jedidja (Jedi) is a hands-on Platform Architect and member of the Facet Developer Network. He has over 20 years of professional development experience, approximately half of which were spent at Microsoft. In recent years, much of his focus has been on refactoring and moving existing projects towards testability.

Outside of development, Jedi spends a decent amount of time in the kitchen, trying to find the “perfect” version of one dish or another. Occasionally, he also remembers to get outside and exercise. He’s an avid reader and takes full advantage of the library’s request / ordering services.

Life as a Contractor

This article was inspired by a request from Robert Sweeney, CEO at Facet, to describe what life as a contractor is like for me. Who should read this? Full-time developers who are currently employees, yet are curious about what contracting would be like. What has the transition from employee to contractor been like? Looking back, I guess I’ve always been a contractor in one form or another. A friend and I started software and website contracts in high school1 in 1993 and continued that throughout university.

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