Vetted remote developers, located in your time zone.

Facet Nearshore makes it easy to hire vetted senior developers located in Central and South America. Hiring nearshore offers significant cost savings without the frustrations of large time zone differences.
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How it works

The Facet Nearshore Network is a marketplace for hiring senior remote developers located in Central and South America. You get senior developers - with excellent communication skills - that work when you do.
Step 1

We find top nearshore talent

Contractors apply to join the Facet Nearshore Network. Only experienced contractors that have real experience shipping high-quality software are accepted.

Step 3

You hire exceptional contractors!

You hire senior remote developers that are fluent in English, excellent communicators, and work the same hours as your team.

Step 2

You interview a short-list

We provide you a short-list of highly-qualified contractors with the skills and experience you need. You skip the screening process and jump straight to final interviews.

Why hire Facet Nearshore contractors?

Facet quality, excellent value

Facet Nearshore gives you the same level of talent as the Facet Contractor Network, at a more affordable price.

Vetted by Facet

Hiring remote can be hit or miss. Our vetting and matching process significantly reduces this risk of a bad fit.

Frictionless communication

Large time zone differences are costly and extremely frustrating. Nearshore developers work when you work.

Get started fast

Most positions are filled in less than 8 calendar days.

Cancel anytime

Need to end a contract early? With Facet you can cancel a contract at any time, for any reason.

Membership Requirements

To join the Facet Nearshore Network, contractors must meet the following requirements.

All of these

Pass rigorous technical interviews
Pass programming skills assessment
Located in Central or South America
4+ years of professional experience
Excellent business communication skills
Fluent in English

At least one of these

3+ years at a top software company
Shipped large feature at scale
Significant contributor to V1 product
Large contributor to major open source project

Roles We Fill

Facet specializes in filling the technical roles listed below.

Full Stack Developer
Front-End Developer
Back-End Developer
iOS Developer
Android Developer
Hardware Engineer
Systems Developer
Desktop App Developer
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
Security Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer
Game Developer
Computer Vision Engineer
NLP Developer
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
ML Engineer
NLP Engineer
Big Data Engineer
ETL Developer
DevOps Engineer
Build Automation Engineer
Site Reliability Engineer
Database Administrator
System Administrator
Release Manager
Product Manager
Mobile Product Manager
Web Product Manager
Technical Product Manager
Big Data Product Manager
Video Game Producer
Program Manager
Project Manager
UX Designer
UX Researcher
Graphic Designer
Mobile UX Designer
Web Designer
Prototype Developer
QA Engineer
Test Automation Engineer
Build Automation Engineer
Game Tester
Performance Test Engineer
Security Test Engineer
Mobile Test Engineer
Lead Developer
Lead Product Manager
Lead UX Designer
Development Manager
Director of Development
Director of Product Management
Director of UX
VP of Engineering
VP of Product
Technical Co-founder

Contracting Rates

High-performance engineering talent at an incredible value.

Mid-level Engineer

Starting at
per hour
Vetted by Facet
3+ years of experience
Experience shipping software

Senior Engineer

Starting at
per hour
Vetted by Facet
5+ years of experience
Experience shipping products
Expert in multiple domains

Principal Engineer

Starting at
per hour
Vetted by Facet
10+ years of experience
Experience shipping products
Expert in multiple domains
Technical leadership exp.
Product Manager
UX Designer
QA Engineer
"Facet was our secret-sauce in hitting our critical product milestone.  We’ve used every contracting platform out there — Facet raises the bar. Exceptional talent coupled with rapid deployment makes Facet our go-to for staffing needs."
Esteban C.
Co-founder & CEO
TRM Labs (Backed by Y Combinator)

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