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Eliminate recruiter spam

Stop wasting time reading messages or doing interviews for jobs that aren't a good fit. Facet only sends you jobs that match the preferences you've defined. You can filter on salary, location, role, tech stack, company size and much more.

Facet is your personal firewall for your career - only the jobs you actually want to see get through.
Say good-bye to recruiter spam.
Hi {firstName}!

Your background is very impressive! I see you spent time at {company}. That probably means your current salary is way above this job I'm trying to fill, but I'm contacting you anyway...

I'm working with a company, but I'm not going to tell you who, that needs a Java expert. You don't have Java anywhere in your LinkedIn profile, but let's be honest, I didn't even look at your profile!

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Discreetly signal that you are open to new opportunities

Facet is completely private. Recruiters, including your current employer, cannot browse your profile, send unsolicited messages, or even see that you are looking. Your information is only shared with companies when you see a job you like and decide to start a conversation.

You can stop receiving new jobs with one click and you can completely delete your Facet profile with two clicks.

Get all the important details up front

Nobody wants to waste time going through hours of interviews, only to uncover a deal-breaker right at the end.

All jobs on Facet have key details like salary range, relocation expectations, remote options, and interview process, included and provided to you upfront. You can even talk to a Facet career advisor to ask additional questions about the role or the company before you start the interview process.

Join a community of tech industry professionals

Facet is a professional community of experienced software developers, startup founders, product managers, data scientists, and other technology industry professionals - people that know how to build and ship high-quality software and hardware.

The Facet community is large and diverse, brought together by a passion for software and hardware craftsmanship. Members get access to exclusive events - from large conferences to small virtual happy hours to share best practices and swap war stories. (Note: Events are on hold due to the pandemic.)

Why use Facet to find your next job?

Let your dream job find you

Facet is the perfect solution for people that are happy where they are, but open to seeing specific types of opportunities that match their criteria. Now you can passively search for your dream role, salary, company, location, etc. You tell us what you are looking for and we'll go to work and send you an email when we find a match. Our targeting results in Facet members accepting 96% of jobs they get offered!

Have an advocate with you

We help you put your best foot forward. We push companies to be more open-minded when deciding who to interview. We push back for you when we think a hiring manager hasn't given you a fair shake. The result is more opportunities for you to show what you are capable of.

Negotiate a higher salary

Most people don't negotiate their job offers enough and end up accepting a lower salary than they should. We have salary data, and we're not afraid to use it to help you get paid more! Having an advocate handle the negotiations for you eliminates the stress of salary negotiations.

More humane interviews

We strongly discourage companies from using onerous interviewing practices like long coding projects or coding tests prior to talking to a candidate. We also require companies to be transparent about their interview process upfront, so you'll know what to expect before you begin.

Real interview feedback

Companies have no incentive to give you honest feedback on your interview, so they usually won't. With Facet you'll get an advocate and coach that will give you real feedback, so you can polish your interviewing skills and present yourself in the best way possible.

Facet is free for candidates

Facet is completely free for candidates - that means you are the product. Unlike other free services, all of your data is completely private by default. Companies pay us to help them fill their open positions, but your information is only shared with a company when you apply.

Who is Facet For?

Below are some of the roles companies are looking to fill with Facet.

Full Stack Developer
Front-End Developer
Back-End Developer
iOS Developer
Android Developer
Hardware Engineer
Systems Developer
Desktop App Developer
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
Security Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer
Game Developer
Computer Vision Engineer
NLP Developer
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
ML Engineer
NLP Engineer
Big Data Engineer
ETL Developer
DevOps Engineer
Build Automation Engineer
Site Reliability Engineer
Database Administrator
System Administrator
Release Manager
Product Manager
Mobile Product Manager
Web Product Manager
Technical Product Manager
Big Data Product Manager
Video Game Producer
Program Manager
Project Manager
UX Designer
UX Researcher
Graphic Designer
Mobile UX Designer
Web Designer
Prototype Developer
QA Engineer
Test Automation Engineer
Build Automation Engineer
Game Tester
Performance Test Engineer
Security Test Engineer
Mobile Test Engineer
Lead Developer
Lead Product Manager
Lead UX Designer
Development Manager
Director of Development
Director of Product Management
Director of UX
VP of Engineering
VP of Product
Technical Co-founder
"Facet has an amazing team and provides an awesome service. I would highly recommend them to [anyone] in the technical realm."
Kenny E.
Principal Machine Learning Engineer
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