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An all-star technical recruiting team and the worlds largest database of passive candidates, available to you on-demand, at a reasonable price.
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Scary Fact: 
80% of candidates will never see your job posting

A 2020 Stack Overflow survey found that only 14% of developers are actively looking for a new job, while 55% of developers are open to new opportunities, but not looking.

That means 80% of your potential job candidates will never see your job posting. Plus, the best developers that do apply will have multiple competing job offers.

Happy Fact: 
You can reach thousands of passive candidates with Facet

Facet has the world's largest database of passive candidates. Facet collects detailed information about what they are looking for before they ever come on the market.

Now you can reach high-quality candidates, that are happily employed but open to new opportunities, just like yours. Passive candidates are more than twice as likely to accept your job offer.

Why use Facet?

Get quality, vetted candidates delivered to your inbox

As a hiring manager you've got a lot on your plate. Let Facet do the heavy lifting of finding and vetting the right candidates.

Your elastic recruiting team will source new applicants, screen them for the skills and qualifications you need, and sell them on the company and position.

All you have to do is interview and make offers.

Target top talent that is secretly looking

Facet provides full service technical recruiting and executive search solutions to scale your engineering team. We specialize in sourcing passive candidates. Facet has the world's largest database of passive candidates. You can get your job into the email inbox of exactly the right candidates - before they ever come on the market.

82% of offers to Facet candidates are accepted.

Dramatically increase your hiring efficiency

We start by targeting the right people. Then every applicant sourced by Facet is thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet your requirements and are very likely to accept an offer.

That means you'll screen fewer unqualified candidates, your team will spend less time conducting technical interviews, and you'll fill positions faster. All without lowering your hiring bar.

Augment your in-house recruiting team

Too many open positions? Not getting enough applicants? Positions not being filled fast enough?

Your Facet elastic recruiting team can integrate seamlessly with your in-house recruiting team to quickly scale up your candidate pipeline so you can meet your hiring goals.

When things calm down, you can instantly scale back down.

Pay Nothing When You Hire

Recruiters typically charge 20-30% of first-year salary to hire a candidate they source. That's $20K-$60K per hire! We think that's insane.

Facet uses a retainer model. Companies typically save 70-80% per hire when hiring through Facet.
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How We Vet

Every applicant we source goes through a rigorous 5 step vetting process with your Facet recruiter prior to being submitted as a candidate. Only candidates that meet your requirements, and are likely to accept an offer, make it through.

Target talent with the right skills

We craft a job posting optimized to generate the most applicants with the skills and experience levels you've defined. Your job goes directly to the inbox of the right people. People that are interested can apply with one click.


Screen applicant profile

Your Facet recruiter screens every applicant's profile to ensure they meet the requirements you've defined.


Verify required skills

We verbally verify they have the required skills for the position and that they've used them professionally. We also gather detailed information about the products or projects where they used them. This information is included for you in the candidate submission.


Confirm strong interest

We sell applicants on the job responsibilities, company mission, tech stack, team members, and other key factors people consider when evaluating a new job. Only applicants that express strong interest move to the next step.


Clear deal breakers up-front

We then review the most common deal breakers - salary range, location, work status, benefits, and equity - with the applicant up-front. This saves your time and greatly increases the likelihood a job offer will be accepted. Applicants that pass all steps are then submitted as candidates for the position.

Roles We Fill

Facet specializes in filling the technical roles listed below.

Full Stack Developer
Front-End Developer
Back-End Developer
iOS Developer
Android Developer
Hardware Engineer
Systems Developer
Desktop App Developer
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
Security Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer
Game Developer
Computer Vision Engineer
NLP Developer
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
ML Engineer
NLP Engineer
Big Data Engineer
ETL Developer
DevOps Engineer
Build Automation Engineer
Site Reliability Engineer
Database Administrator
System Administrator
Release Manager
Product Manager
Mobile Product Manager
Web Product Manager
Technical Product Manager
Big Data Product Manager
Video Game Producer
Program Manager
Project Manager
UX Designer
UX Researcher
Graphic Designer
Mobile UX Designer
Web Designer
Prototype Developer
QA Engineer
Test Automation Engineer
Build Automation Engineer
Game Tester
Performance Test Engineer
Security Test Engineer
Mobile Test Engineer
Lead Developer
Lead Product Manager
Lead UX Designer
Development Manager
Director of Development
Director of Product Management
Director of UX
VP of Engineering
VP of Product
Technical Co-founder

Elastic Recruiting Pricing

An all-star technical recruiting team that scales with your hiring needs. No annual commitment. Pay only for what you use.

On Demand*

Pay as you go recruiting services
per vetted candidate
Dedicated technical recruiter
Unlimited job postings
Unlimited hires
No hiring fee
Exclusive access to Facet network
First candidates in 48-72 hours

Services Bundle

Save 30% by purchasing in advance
per vetted candidate
Dedicated technical recruiter
Unlimited job postings
Unlimited hires
No hiring fee
Exclusive access to Facet network
First candidates in 48-72 hours

Common Questions

What is a candidate?

Candidates are job applicants, sourced by Facet, that have been screened and vetted by your Facet Technical Recruiter, and submitted to the hiring manager or in-house recruiting team.

How do you vet candidates?

We use an extensive 5 step vetting process outlined here.

Are there monthly limits on the number of candidates?

No. This is one of the benefits of an elastic recruiting team. If you have many positions you want to fill quickly, you can increase the rate at which candidates are submitted to match the interview bandwidth of your team.

How many candidates does it take to fill a position?

55% of Facet candidates are brought in for onsite interviews. If you know your onsite interview to offer rate, you can easily calculate the number of candidates it will take to fill a position.

Generally speaking, the number of candidates it takes to fill a position varies by many factors, including compensation and selectiveness of the hiring manager. Most hiring managers see 12 to 20 candidates before they make a hire.

Do candidate credits purchased in a bundle expire?

You have two years to use candidate credits purchased in a bundle before they expire.

Can you send me some sample resumes?

No. Facet offers candidates complete privacy in their job search until they decide to apply for a position through Facet. This is a key benefit that allows us to source from thousands of the most sought after passive candidates.

Why don't you work on contingency?

Contingency sounds like a great idea - "Only pay if you hire one of our candidates!" The reality is really bad for the recruiting and tech industry. Contingent recruiters spam your job to as many people as possible, dump a ton of resumes on you, and hope they get lucky. This has caused developers to equate recruiters with spammers and it hurts the recruiters that are trying to do the right thing.

"Facet has greatly reduced the time required to find quality, high caliber candidates. The employees we have hired through their platform have consistently been some of the most impactful contributors on our teams."
Greg M.
VP of Engineering

Elastic Technical Recruiting

Engineering leaders trust Facet technical recruiters to help them meet their hiring goals. Our elastic recruiting services make it easy to scale up when you need it and scale down when you don't. Like EC2 for recruiting.
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