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Thinking about a career change?

With Facet, you can passively and discreetly search for your next job. Facet only sends you jobs that match the preferences you've defined, like salary range, tech stack, company size, and location. We'll also help you through the interview and negotiation process.

Facet is 100% free for job seekers.

Facet Hiring Solutions

When you work with Facet, you get a dedicated recruiting specialist that takes the time to understand the skills and experience you are looking for. They'll source the right candidates, advise on hiring best practices, and help you fill your open positions fast.

Technical Recruiting

The scale and targeting capabilities of the Facet network gives us huge efficiencies over traditional recruiting agencies.

Your job goes directly to the email inbox of the qualified candidates that are most likely to accept an offer.


Massively streamline your hiring process by offering candidates a contract-to-hire option. Traditional technical interviews are too long, error prone and repel the best candidates.

Nothing compares to actually working with someone to know if they are a good fit. Facet makes that easy.

Long-term Contract

Facet has the largest network of high-caliber contract software engineers in the world. You shouldn't have to lower your standards when hiring contractors. So don't.

Facet contractors can be converted to W2 at any time.

Staff Augmentation

Quickly add capacity to your product team, without permanently increasing your headcount or locking yourself into a long term contract.

Full-time or part-time, long- or short-term. Facet contracts give you the flexibility to cancel at any time with two weeks notice.

Full Product Teams

Need a complete product development team? Facet provides fully managed product teams (PM, dev, design, QA, etc) at a blended rate.

On-demand product teams empower visionaries to bring high-quality products to market quickly.

Part-time and Consulting

Facet has experts with deep experience in hundreds of domains such as machine learning, planet scale distributed systems, video streaming, fintech, security, privacy, big data pipelines, engineering leadership and many more.

With Facet you can get the on-demand expert help you need.

Hire the top technical talent in the industry

Facet is a curated network of top industry professionals. The best talent is never on the market long. Facet collects detailed information about what they are looking for before they ever come on the market.

Now you can target candidates that are happily employed, but open to new opportunities, and are looking for new opportunities like yours.

Fill positions 5x faster

10 days is the average time it takes companies to fill a position with Facet. 95.2% of offers made through Facet are accepted. Seriously. With our large network of high caliber talent, and detailed data about what each candidate is looking for in their ideal job, we can quickly match the right candidate to the right job.

That means you do fewer interviews, your offers are almost always accepted, and your positions are filled faster.

Never make a bad hire again

Whiteboard exercises, brain teasers, coding tests, take home projects, $LATEST_INTERVIEW_FAD - none of these will ever be as effective at evaluating a candidate as actually working with them. This is the gold standard interview process.

Facet empowers companies and candidates to "try before you buy" through our flexible contract-to-hire agreements. Candidates can evaluate the company and team, companies can experience working with someone before bringing them on full-time.

Either party can end the contract on two weeks notice if it's not working out. Companies can convert a contractor to W2 at any time, including hiring them as a W2 right out of the gate.

Build a more diverse team

Notice anything strange about the team in this picture? Hiring referrals from employees can produce teams that lack diversity. The Facet network is large and diverse.

Facet can also help eliminate unconscious bias during the recruiting process by masking names, pictures and other demographic information when selecting candidates to interview.

We'll help you hire for culture add, not culture fit.

Building a Remote Team?

Facet members are looking for remote work.

Increase your candidate pool by 10x

Increase candidate skill and diversity

Reduce salary and overhead costs

Roles We Fill

Facet specializes in filling dozens of technical roles across all industries.

Full Stack Developer
Front-End Developer
Back-End Developer
iOS Developer
Android Developer
Hardware Engineer
Systems Developer
Desktop App Developer
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
Security Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer
Game Developer
Computer Vision Engineer
NLP Developer
Data Scientist
Data Engineer
ML Engineer
NLP Engineer
Big Data Engineer
ETL Developer
DevOps Engineer
Build Automation Engineer
Site Reliability Engineer
Database Administrator
System Administrator
Release Manager
Product Manager
Mobile Product Manager
Web Product Manager
Technical Product Manager
Big Data Product Manager
Video Game Producer
Program Manager
Project Manager
UX Designer
UX Researcher
Graphic Designer
Mobile UX Designer
Web Designer
Prototype Developer
QA Engineer
Test Automation Engineer
Build Automation Engineer
Game Tester
Performance Test Engineer
Security Test Engineer
Mobile Test Engineer
Lead Developer
Lead Product Manager
Lead UX Designer
Development Manager
Director of Development
Director of Product Management
Director of UX
VP of Engineering
VP of Product
Technical Co-founder
"Facet has greatly reduced the time required to find quality, high caliber candidates. The contractors and employees we have hired through their platform have consistently been some of the most impactful contributors on our teams."
Greg M.
VP of Engineering

Technical Hiring - Solved

Facet is technical hiring as it should be: fast, transparent, efficient and fool-proof. Save both time and money with Facet's data-driven approach to hiring.
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