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Facet's recruiters are here to help you navigate your job search. They'll help you understand your market value, polish your resume, and prepare for interviews.

Bypass the resume black-hole when you apply for roles online. Your Facet recruiter helps you get noticed and get the interviews you deserve.

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Stop wasting time reading messages or doing interviews for jobs that aren't a good fit. Facet only sends you jobs that match the preferences you've defined. You can filter on salary, location, role, technology, company size and much more.

Facet is your personal firewall for your career - only the jobs you actually want to see get through.

Say good-bye to recruiter spam.


Hi [firstName]!

Your background is very impressive! I see you spent time at [company]. That probably means your current salary is way above this job I'm trying to fill, but I'm contacting you anyway...

I'm working with a company, but I'm not going to tell you who, that needs a Java expert. You don't have Java anywhere in your LinkedIn profile, but let's be honest, I didn't even look at your profile!

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Discreetly signal that you are open to new opportunities

Facet is completely private. Recruiters, including your current employer, cannot browse your profile, send unsolicited messages, or even see that you are looking. Your information is only shared with companies when you see a job you like and decide to start a conversation.

You can stop receiving new jobs with one click and you can completely delete your Facet profile with two clicks.

Get all the important details up front

Nobody wants to waste time going through hours of interviews, only to uncover a deal-breaker right at the end.

All jobs on Facet have key details like salary range, relocation expectations, remote options, and interview process, included and provided to you upfront. You can even talk to a Facet career advisor to ask additional questions about the role or the company before you start the interview process.

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